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Sadaf Chain Coffee shops

the main branch of cafe sadaf is in Valiase Street, above the Saee park, and the cafe Sadaf is prepare to providing advise and branch to people in iran and other countries. for more information, contact us please!
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News & Articles

The most recent news and articles on hotel management, cooking, nutrition, food industry, restaurant management, coffee shops, exhibitions, conferences, and training courses in Iran and abroad from different hotel management faculties.
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New Recipes

Free recipes for international foods, Iranian and foreign foods, sea foods, fast foods, Mediterranean cuisine, coffee shop items, confectionaries, appetizers, salads, soups, dressings and sauces, dough, pastries and breads.
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International Academy

Iran Chef International Academy, in collaboration with Malaysia’s Sunway University, offers short-term courses with credible certificates.
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Iran Chef Shop

The specialized shop at Iran Chef supplies all the equipment, accessories, and the raw material necessary in a restaurant, coffee shop, and fast food restaurant with the best quality and the most reasonable prices.
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Send us your questions on running a restaurant, equipping your place, decoration, menu design, hiring expert workforce, capital evaluation, locating the equipment, investment, and feasibility assessment.
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Implemented Projects

Start your own hotel, restaurant, fast food restaurant, catering center, confectionary, traditional restaurant, or coffee shop through a scientific procedure and by implementing the 20 principles advised by Moshaveran Farda-ye Behtar-e Asia (Iran Chef).
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Our Resume

Farhad Za’fari has over four decades of practical experience in hotel management, restaurant management, international cuisine, and coffee shops. Za’fari, holding a PhD in hotel management, is also the author of several books on the subjects and has written a spectacular book on napkins.
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International Academy IranChef
The first Chef academy in Iran
دات نت نیوک فارسی